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Bifocal Prescription Glasses

People may know that bifocal prescription glasses are some of the commonly used glasses and are used for reading. These bifocal glasses are prescribed to people suffering from presbyopia and who also require a correction for myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism. These glasses are clearly divided into two halves having two different types of lenses. The top lens is used for the distant viewing and the lower lens of the bifocal glasses is user for the reading purposes. Thus, rather having two pairs of glasses, bifocals glasses are the best choice that successfully addresses both the problems of presbyopia patients.

The use of bifocal glasses has increased by significant proportion in the last few years. This has lead to many designer brands entering in this lucrative design. Users can now decide to select the frame deciding on their face structure like - round, oval, square etc. Generally it is always a good idea to get an updated prescription before you place your order for bifocal glasses.

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