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Bifocal Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are used by people who get presbyopia, it’s a kind of convex glass. Presbyopia usually occurs when people get old, and it is a very common physiological phenomenon because the regulation ability of eyes has been reduced. But when does it begin to occur? This seems to depend on different people. Moreover, people do not think presbyopia is as much important as teenager’s myopia, and they often realize that they need a pair of reading glasses until they have to hold newspapers further and further when reading.

Reading glasses are generally divided into three kinds:
Single vision: it’s a lens with light focus and it is designed on the basis of the near distance of 33 centimeter.
Bifocal: it’s also called double focus glasses, double light glasses, etc. and there are altogether 2 types of lens strength for far and near uses respectively.
Progressive: it’s also called triple focus glasses, and there're altogether 3 types of lens strength for far, middle and near uses respectively.

Presbyopia is a normal physiological process, the lens strength is related to age. For example, the lens strength is 1.5 diopter at the age of 45, whether you wear a reading glasses or not, the lens strength increase to 2 diopter. If you already have presbyopia and insist don’t wear reading glasses, ciliaris can not be adjusted, it will make your reading harder, cause the headache and eye strain, and affect your life and work. So get yourself a pair of reading glasses as soon as you have presbyopia, and change you glasses immediately if your lens strength has increased.

Some old people’s two eyes have different degree of presbyopia, or they have hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism before, so if they wear a pair of reading glasses without a optometry, it is not good for their presbyopia, but also cause diplopia, eye swelling and the decrease of vision. Even though the vision of two eyes are consistent, it is also very necessary to take an accurate optometry to measure the strength of lens by the eye's remaining regulation, and this make eye's nearly use easier. Moreover, everyone's pupillary distance is different, and when people are reading it becomes shorter than far use, this also shows that make an accurate optometry is essential.

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