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How do I sign in if I can’t remember my password?
If you’ve forgotten your email or password, head to the Sign In page. Under the heading “Help with Sign In,” several options are available to retrieve your information.

To receive a temporary password, simply click the Forgot Password link and we’ll rush you a temporary. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be asked to create a new password.
How do I sign in if I can’t remember my email?
If you don’t remember the email associated with your account, use the Find My Account link under the “Help with Sign In” heading—keep in mind that once you’ve located your account you will need to create a new password. To locate your account, you will need to enter your first name, last name, and your zip code. For security purposes, you also need either your customer number or the last four digits of the credit card associated with your account. With these four pieces of information entered, click the Search button.
How do I change the email or password on my account?
After you sign in, head to the My Account page by clicking on the link in the top right-hand corner of the page. Click on the “Sign In & Password” tab, and you will be given the option to change both your email and password.
Can I still sign in to my account if I’ve forgotten my password and no longer have access to my old email address?
You can still access your existing account by using the My Email Has Changed page. Click Sign In at the top of the page and select My Email Has Changed under the “Help with Sign In” heading. You’ll need to know the first and last name of the patient on the account and the zip code used. You will also need to know either the customer number or the last four digits of a credit card associated with the account. Once you have found your account, you can enter a new email and password. You’ll use this email and password with your account from now on.

For your security, we’ll remove the credit card information from your account if you change your email address. We’ll also send you an email confirming your change.
Why didn’t I get an email with my temporary password?
If you can’t find the email we sent to you with your temporary password, check to see if it’s in your junk, spam, or bulk mail folder. To ensure future emails will always make it to your inbox, please add to your “Safe Senders” or “Trusted Sites” list.
Why are your prices so much lower than other retailers?
Proopticals eyeglasses have been the low-price leader in a highly competitive eyewear market for a great long time. With more than 250 high-volume warehouse located throughout the world, we purchase a lot of eyeglass frames from manufacturers. Because of the tremendous number of eyeglass frames that we buy, we're able to negotiate unheard-of low prices from our vendors - which we then pass on to you, the consumer. It also helps that we own and operate three of the highest-volume optical laboratories in the United States and other countries across the globe. Our labs are outfitted with some of the best optical equipment in the world, and are staffed by expert laboratory team members with decades-plus experience in eye care and manufacturing.
What kind of selection do you have?
The short answer is, a HUGE selection. We offer over 10,000 kinds of frames starting at $6.95, meanwhile the quality is beyond your imagination. As far as our eyeglass lenses collection goes, we carry all the lenses you would expect to find in an optical retailer, including Transitions® color-changing lenses, impact-resistant polycarbonate, glass or photo gray. To make your eyeglasses even more durable, you can also opt for a solid or gradient tint, scratch resistant coating, UV-block coating, anti-reflective coating or polarized coating. Most coatings and tinting are available on most eyeglass lens materials. From fashionable, low-cost eyeglass frames to the finest designer eyewear, we really do offer the best prices - and values.
What if my frames break? Do you offer any protection plans?
Your eyeglasses live the same life you do, which means sometimes they get baked in the summer, frozen in the winter, played with by the baby, dropped, scratched, sat on and stepped on. Our Ultimate Protection Plan protects your eyeglass frames and lenses for one year, for a small additional charge. With this plan, if your eyeglass frames break during the year or your lenses become excessively scratched, just bring them in, and we'll replace them one time. Customer loss of frame and/or lenses is not covered by this plan.
How do you divide the distance and reading portion on Bifocal or Progressive lenses?
Normally, the division is 60% of the lens height for distance and 40% of the lens height for reading. But of course, you are very much welcome to inform us your preference in division. Please include a note on the order form or call us as soon as you place your order, we will make sure to note it on our end.
Do you sell lenses alone?
No, we offer our lenses with our frames as a whole package.
Do you offer prescription sunglasses?
Definitely! We suggest you to select of a frame of your choice and make sure to click on the 'Tint' option on the personalized page. Currently, we offer brown, grey and green colors and 20%, 40%, 60% and 80%. The 20% is the lightest and 80% is the darkest and most commonly used in sunglasses. Please note however, that we don't recommend putting an additional Tint on all our Sports glasses as their outer lenses is already tinted.
How to Understand the Numbers on My Eyeglass Prescription?
To get to know the details, click How to read a prescription to learn more.
Can I use my contact lens prescription for ordering glasses with you?
We suggest not, prescriptions for contact lenses often vary when compared with prescriptions for glasses. Make sure the prescription you have specifically matches your need for glasses.
What is my Pupillary distance (PD), and how do I obtain it?
Pupillary Distance (PD) or inter papillary distance (IPD) is the distance (the industry standard is to measure in millimeters) between the centers of the pupils in each eye. This measurement is used when preparing to make prescription eyeglasses. Positioning lenses correctly in relation to the centre of the pupils is especially important for higher powered lenses due to the location of the optical centre of the lenses. It can also be relevant to binoculars: they must be adjusted to suit the user's IPD; and the minimum allowed by some binoculars is still too great for people with a small IPD.
Do you accept cash and checks?
Currently, we don't accept cash, checks and money order. We only accept major credit cards and Pay Pal payments.
Is the Payment page Secure?
We have chosen the best e-commerce service in the industry, and guarantee secure payment processing. Keep in mind that we ensure 100% payment security.
Can I get a sales invoice?
A: Yes. Sales invoices can be obtained upon request from our customer service. Invoices are used by customers who need reimbursement from their insurance companies or workplace.
What is your return policy for eyeglasses?
We offer a 30-day return policy on eyeglasses when accompanied by a receipt. To learn more click our Shipping and Return policy.
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