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what are bifocal glasses?

Bifocals are a type of prescription eyeglasses designed for people who need both near and farsighted vision correction. Different from single vision lenses, bifocals have two corrective lenses on each side of a pair of glasses, for a total of four lenses per pair. Many people suffer from a combination of near and farsightedness long before they realize it. In some cases, bifocals can also help correct astigmatism that is present in combination with other refractive defects.

There are a few different types of Bifocals. Such as: bifocal reading glasses , bifocal safety glasses, no line bifocal glasses and so on. Bifocal Reading Glasses are a kind of glasses that enable the users the user to focus on objects both far and close. With two sections in each lens, bifocals allow an easy transition from focusing on objects that are far to those that are near.


Bifocal Safety Glasses, as the name suggests, are the perfect combination of safety glasses and magnification of bifocal reading glasses. Even though, those glasses are almost the same as other ordinary glasses in weight, styles, etc. Up to now, more and more sportsmen or non-sportsmen who are in need of bifocal glasses begin to use bifocal safety glasses.

No line bifocals is sometimes called as an obvious indication of one of this device's advantages. The populace in the eyewear industry probably knows that there exists a visible line on a regular bifocal lens. Another significant advantage is the comfort of vision perception or stay away from image jump.